Custom Furniture and Antiques

Folkart Interiors started in Vancouver, BC in the 1980’s

We offer custom furniture, antiques and of course, everything Folk Art. Come and step back into Vancouver history, browse worldly antiques, and check out everything new to us, but rich with history.

Custom Furniture

We love making custom furniture pieces to help you create the beautiful spaces within your home! 

Rental Furniture

We rent furniture for all requirements. Tables, desks and dressers of all types and sizes are always in stock for rent or purchase.

Folkart & Canadiana

Looking for genuine Folk Art in Vancouver? We carry everything from paintings, wood carvings, sculptures and more. 

Antiques & Collectibles

We carry a great range of some very interesting antiques, and cater towards personal antique buyers and movie studios alike.

New Arrivals…(call us!)

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