Rustic/Country Furniture in Vancouver

Custom vintage furnishings for rustic and contemporary décor


Rustic or Country Farmhouse… It’s all we hear these days. Sure, we are in the business of making custom furniture pieces, but this rustic, farmhouse and reclaimed wood thing is getting out of hand… but so long as the trend continues, we will keep specializing in this area of custom furniture.  

We love making the custom furniture pieces to help you create the beautiful spaces within your home! 

Contact us today for more information on our custom furniture services, or stop by the store anytime. 

Rustic: Before and After Stained Glass Cabinet

Do you ever wonder where a custom designed piece ends up? This spectacular cabinet utilized the customer’s stained glass windows from her own house as a feature in this cabinet which is topped with huge thick pieces of reclaimed Douglas fir.

Rustic: Before and After Kitchen Island

Bet you didn’t know where we love to get our reclaimed wood? This rustic kitchen island in its new home has touches of a weathered past in it – you might almost say we’ve given it a rebirth for a new life.

Rustic: Cupboards

The beautiful thing about custom build is that you can have as many shelves as you want, or pick the finish to match your personal style.

Rustic: Mantels

We love fireplaces or bare walls. Just look at the wonderful patina of that rustic mantel, or the live edges on the invisibly hanging shelves.

Rustic: Custom Built

What do these pieces have in common? One is an over-long custom buffet and the other is an over-thick custom butcher block!

Rustic: Shelves and Cabinets

We just love to design and build the cabinet of your dreams!

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