Film & Television

We rent almost everything!

Are you a movie set decorator looking for cool props or furniture to rent or buy for an upcoming film project in Vancouver? Look no further than our large selection of everything needed for most set decoration needs. 

We have also been the movie location for a few up-and-coming movie producing students (we like to think they made it to the big leagues because of our awesome location). In all seriousness, if you are a film student looking for set decorations or a small store front location for your student film projects, and would like to consider our location, please stop by and chat with the owner, Dave. We don’t charge much and Dave will only ask for a location credit, on what is sure to be the next big hit in the movie industry.

Some of our more famous movie or television rentals span back a few decades now, and the list keeps growing today — seasoned shows like Love it or List it Vancouver, Super Natural or Riverdale, (or do you remember the X-Files – we rented to them too) or a larger movie production, like Deadpool, Sonic Hedgehog or Mission Impossible.  

Vintage Movie Prop

The photos you see on the website are just some of what we have in stock, and some may be gone already. The selection of items is extensive and always being updated. 

Interior Design Staging Item

If you are staging a home for sale, you will find just the right pieces. Click here for more information on our staging furniture details. 

Rental Chests and Dressers

We support the movie industry in Vancouver as much as we can. Occasionally, we have been known to open the store during off hours for a movie crew to come in and shop privately. Inquire for details. 

Period Pieces for Movie Rentals

We can help your set decoration needs in one stop. Contact us or stop in and browse the shop Tuesday thru Sunday.

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